Weekend Manga Artist

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Weekend Manga Artist

Since I’ve started working full time at SBS, drawing small scale manga became an easier hobby than making larger oil paintings. Producing small-scale arts became simpler, mentally, since it doesn’t feel like a burden to begin. Due to their size, I can carry these drawings anywhere, even when riding on trains. I will always have a deep appreciation for fine-arts (my first intended major at college was painting), and I still paint in oils to this day. Oil paintings usually take more than a month to complete since I love to paint at a large scale. These quick 1 or 2 day manga illustrations became much easier for me to share and communicate with the public.

I’ve been interested in character design my whole life, and when my work started piling up in the corner over time, I finally thought, “Ooh, why don’t I try posting this on Instagram?” So I opened up an account in March. And I am happy with the decision because I feel myself beginning to influence many other young artists. Drawing and interacting with other manga artists became my weekend joy.

Manga: The term “Manga” is used to describe a style of drawing in Asia which is very distinctive from styles of American or European cartoon.  The word “Manga” is a Japanese word meaning “cartoon,” and this drawing style originated from Japan. In China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea this style of drawing is called “Manhua.” However “Manhua” isn’t a universal term as “Manga” and everybody communicates through the word “Manga” to refer to this specific style of drawing.

Images Source: Instagram @ Manga_Artist_Tokki


It was really fun to blend colors for Marbles!


Understanding anatomy is very important in the beginning phase to produce a good outcome!


I love drawing fabric folds as if I am folding a paper  🙂


Pink is my favorite color and that’s why I love pigs <3


Left is a bunny, right is a dog


It takes lot of layering over layering to get to my satisfaction



She is bald in the beginning. See how the purple on the dress is just an underlying color for green that’s painted on top of it?!


Ta-da~~!!! Title: “A Clumsy Maid Got Fired”


Cute princess!!! I want to hug her!

Thank you for your time to look through my artworks. I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Sunju Hwang is from Seoul, South Korea and graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2014 with a degree in Interior Architecture.  In addition to being a Weekend Manga Artist she enjoys lying in her backyard with 2 dogs.

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