In this ever-moving, ever-lasting process of expression, in front of my painting, I cannot demand anything. But I need to work, ruminate, …., consider, ruminate, …., work, reconsider, and work again. I need to make do with the hazards, the ebb and flow, and let my expression go until I find the right balance and decide, “It’s finished – I like it as it is.”

When I start a new painting, I don’t know what I am going to do and where it will take me. I consider every painting a journey. Will it last thirty minutes or three years before I say it’s finished, if ever? I do not know.

It took me a long time to reach this state of mind; to be able to get in front of a piece of paper completely naked, brand new, and let my expression and inspiration take me to new places…letting things happen rather than creating.
I paint on recycled Paper Bags for several reasons:

  • Recycling is an ecological statement;
  • The varied colors, sizes and forms, as well as the letters, text and branded content of the bags provide hints to the final opus;
  • I like to transform the object from its commercial purpose to a non-branded artifact;
  • It makes my art nomadic. It’s light, easily portable, easily showable, stockable, and sendable. In one word: ecologicable;
  • It helps me view the works as ephemeral. It’s about the inspiration of the moment. It helps me remain light about my work and maintain the freedom of expression I love when painting.


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