Micro-shows: Stanley Beaman & Sears Gallery, Winter 2012


i. Lines

We draw lines – long lines, sometimes lines that are a mile long and as sharp as the edge of a knife – a sharp knife. Our lines do not spread butter, they perform laser surgery. Long lines describe the vastness of the landscape, the never-ending horizon, the defining edge between what is inside and what is outside, the point of intersection between what was once vague and nebulous and what has creative intentionality. We also draw short lines.

Proposition: The three folded gallery panels are left bare except for a tin can of pencils and a pencil sharpener mounted at both ends of the hallway. Those who pass down the hall are encouraged/required to pick up a pencil and draw a line directly on the wall across all three panels. Over the course of the show a density of lines will develop, leaving a physical trace of the movement through a typically interstitial space.

ii. Images

We stare at our computers. All day long we are rooted to our desks and allow monitors to transport us to another place. Sometimes this place demands strict attention to focus on a task requiring intense concentration. At other times, the computer transports us to different cities, creating portals to communicate with people thousands of miles away or just across the office. We research products and codes, create buildings, and make beautiful drawings. At any one moment, the activity of the computers in the office can take us to dozens of different locations with their own set of requirements, goals, and embedded issues.

Proposition: In an attempt to capture the flickering nature of our work at a given moment in time, everyone in the office will be asked to take a simultaneous screen capture of their computer monitors. This is not an effort to spy on employees – no judgments will be made regarding content – rather, the goal is to capture the extreme diversity of research and understanding required in our particular profession. The screen caps will all be printed and posted in an evolving grid on the gallery walls.

iii. Color

We see in color. Color defines our world and surrounds us at every moment of every day. It is loaded with meaning and bears the weight of a staggering number of psychological and behavioral theories. Color has been linked to mood, to gender, to health, to cognition, etc. There is something visceral and instantaneous about the way we relate to color and the way it shapes our experiences.

Proposition: “The color of…” will be an interactive installation. Using Benjamin Moore paint chip samples (each measuring  3.625” x 4.25” with a hole punched along the top edge) as the base unit of design — a grid of nails will be created on the wall where the paint chips can be hung, organized, reorganized, and generally admired. The grid will change color and pattern as those who pass by remove, add or shuffle the samples.

From the Opening

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