For many years my work revolved around ideas of mutable histories and inconsistent narratives. Within this I visualized the storage of memory fragments, the possibility of retrieval, the potential for multiple interpretations, and the personal and institutional desire to edit, rewrite and obscure history.

There are two projects on view in this show, a series of miniature watercolors and three large mixed-media works from a larger series (as well as the collages that predate and inform this work). The small paintings are culled from the pages of Art in America magazines dating from 1984-1996, and make literal and metaphorical references to my life during this period as well as tracking art world topics of the time. In the larger work, I have borrowed the expressive capacity of other artists in an attempt to internalize and learn from their intensity as well as carry on a kind of conversation. I use their drawings as a jumping off point,
making choices that can have multiple layers of meaning or just simple formal appeal. The combinations are both serious and seriously tongue-in-cheek.

That I read life through the lens of art is natural to me. Art serves as a catalyst to my memories, in the way a song can recall a specific moment in time for others.

From the Opening

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