Systematic Wonder features the art of whitespace artists Seana Reilly and Ann Stewart. Both artists focus on a process-oriented approach to exploring perception. Architectonic arrangements of line and diagrammatic spaces aesthetically reoccur throughout the exhibition. The artists share a fascination with the cognitive system as seen with their examination of the nature of knowledge and existence through graphite as a medium.

Reilly’s sources of inspiration derive from semiotics, earth sciences, architecture, and Buddhist philosophy. The same forces that shaped the earth – gravity, fluid dynamics, and erosion – have also shaped her imagery. She investigates notions of material, observation, influence, codification, and the ego in her work.  Reilly uses poured liquid graphite to create works that function simultaneously as a meditative practice, a scientific investigation, and an artistic celebration; and ultimately, allow the viewer to experience vast geologic processes on a more intimate scale.

Stewart uses techniques of mapping and patterning as tools for producing forms that allude to living systems, natural phenomena, and architectural structures. She is interested in bottom-up construction, in which small interactions create larger entities.  By using a process of pattern recognition as well as pattern generation, in which she both finds and fabricates forms, Stewart negotiates the boundary between randomness and structure.  With her intaglio prints, she presents inverse images that allude to constellations, while her positive images retain diagrammatic qualities.

From the Opening

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