ACP Festival Featured Event: Invisible Ink by Santiago Vanegas

Closing Reception/ Artist Talk

This is one of those projects that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s elusive. Experiencing the world I see a connection, tension, a conversation between things and the space they inhabit. I see spaces within space, geometry, animated expanse that is apparently empty. The thing is, I can’t explain these relationships and connections. I just know they are there. We each have a personal way of relating to and perceiving space. Space can exist by the lines, walls, and physical boundaries. It can also exist by how our minds make connections and divisions by how we interpret human behavior, physical form, personal experience, and countless other variables. Perception of space is constantly in flux and evolves with us. One day we see a division between a rock and a tree. The next day we might see how they connect. Space changed. Choreographed speedways, empty airspace, a puddle staring at the sky, they converse with that thing I can’t quite put my finger on.


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From the Opening

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