“Blue” is a solo exhibition by Terri Dilling, focused on the medium of cyanotype, which the artist has been using in her work for almost 20 years. The cyanotype process creates a cyan blue print through exposure to UV light. It is a photographic technique that has been around since the 1800s and is also how architectural blue prints were originally made. However, Dilling’s unique approach transforms a traditional method into a contemporary expression.

“I love this means of directly using sun and water to create my imagery, capturing a specific place and time within the work” says Dilling. “I approach the process as a painter, incorporating gestural marks, multiple layers and toning methods to achieve visual depth
and variation.”

Dilling received a BA from Indiana University, a BFA from Georgia State University, and has also studied visual arts in England, Spain,and Italy. She has received numerous grants and awards, and her work is in many collections around the world.


From the Opening