Line of Sight is an installation by Martha Whittington, based off the measurements of the Gallery 100’s three signature walls using the modular systems of measurement.

Definitions of LoS
1 : A line from an observer’s eye to a distant point.
2 : The line between two points.

This work explores and utilizes made-up systems of measurement. Rules for Crafting the instruments and their site installation are integral to the spanned boundaries of the white 1:3 gallery walls measuring 10 x 18’ located on site at EYP Architecture & Engineering in Atlanta, Georgia. The designed measuring tools are informed by instruments of surveyors from 1620 A.D. to Modern Day. They unfold and uncoil L of Sight linkages that embed the exacting borders, height, width and square footage to each white wall that in sum span distance to points in time and in each place marking measured and surveyed for accurate sighted form.

Lines joining intersections of the cross-hairs to the optical center of the object and continues culminating in a personal land place in time.

Martha Whittinton is represented by Sandler Hudson Gallery.

From the Opening

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