This unfocused body of work, shot in Paris, France, represents an intersection of ideas, introspection and reality. It is a journey toward clearer dreams of a better and brighter reality. The idea presents visual space that allows myself and the viewer to have a visceral experience by looking into these unfocused vistas. With this idea, I attempt to address intimate questions of how, when, where and why by creating a visual dialogue between the viewer and the images. These particular questions stem from my youthful years, a time when curiosity was at its peak. Photography has afforded my imagination the opportunity to revisit these questions via my unfocused series.

Unfocused, Paris of Lights is a series that creates a painterly display of lights, which prompts my imagination to delve deeper into photography and render scenes in ways that hopefully cause viewers to question, dialogue, and appreciate the magical world existing in an unfocused photograph. But the real magic of it all is that the viewer gets to impart his or her own unique dreams within these Paris-based images. And I reiterate—a space where dreams become reality. I invite you to experience imagery of Paris anew, through an unfocused lens, to have a more lucid and “focused” reality. Art has this potential.



From the Opening

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