In Support of: Maintenance Days

In Support of: Maintenance Days

With the help of technology our lives are busier than ever.  We are constantly multi-tasking.  We cook, watch television, and answer emails simultaneously.  Every minute is packed with motion and communication.  We only get a few minutes a day to stop and breath.  Our self care “to do” list gets longer and longer, and we succumb to being complacent about our health and wellness. Physicals, dental cleanings, eye exams go unscheduled.  We think,”Nothing hurts right now.”  As a result, our heath and wellness slides out of focus, until, something actually does hurt. But, what is one to do?


We need to make our health and wellness a priority.  I commit to Maintenance Days to ensure my personal health and well-being remain a priority.  I encourage you do do the same.  For several years, I’ve extolled the virtues of Maintenance Days. I dedicate two days a year to maintaining myself.  I see a doctor and after I take a mental break. I schedule these days in the Spring and Fall.  These Seasons have wonderful weather and are spaced, a convenient, six months apart.  For example; I visit the dentist twice a year.  I always get the last appointment of the day and do not return to work.  After the appointment, I often treat myself to coffee on a patio (with some people watching), ice cream (on my walk back to my car ), or I take a quick run into an antique store.


After you fulfill your health and wellness obligation you are free to spend the rest of your Maintenance Day any way you like.   I encourage you to have lunch with a friend, treat your self to the salon, or pamper yourself with a pedicure.   Do all those personal things on your self-care do list.

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t fall behind. Remember, mental breaks allow you to reduce stress and boost your immune system. Please, take one of your personal days as a Maintenance Day!   Give yourself time for preventative care and to pamper yourself!



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