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You know that scene in the beginning of Star Wars immediately after the iconic yellow text fades into the vastness of space and the camera pans down to reveal a tiny rebel ship being pursued by that impossibly enormous empire star cruiser? Of course you do. Everybody does. But in case you don’t, here’s a reminder (or click here for the video):

That image comes to mind as I walk down the service hallway of our studio where an impressive amount of conduit hangs from the ceiling, all perfectly aligned, curved and stacked to house the necessary wires and cables for the emergency call center that occupies a different part of the building. It is a beautiful feat of engineering coordination and bent metal.

In case encasing wires in a perfect series of metal tube does not make immediate sense to you, imagine the mess that would result without it. Don’t believe me, just look at that wicked snarl of cords coming out of the back of your computer or TV…and that’s probably just five lines. Now imagine trying to keep track and coordinate five hundred as they travel down hallways, up walls, across corridors, and through the floors and ceilings of an entire building. Imagine thousands of them travelling under roads and across neighborhoods. Imagine miles of conduit running under your feet as you walk down sidewalks on your way to work or school or the grocery store or the park. Imagine the amount of this stuff that surrounds you and that you pass by every single day, as it provides the pathways for power and data and communication. Conduit is anonymous and often invisible but absolutely vital to the built environment. So spend some time today looking around and marveling at the hidden stuff that makes the world run.


And don’t even get me started on sealant…

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