Gallery 100 is where architecture and art collide in exquisite visual harmony. Established by EYP (formerly Stanley Beaman & Sears), an architecture and engineering firm, Gallery 100 is dedicated to supporting local artists and the fine art culture. With quarterly exhibits, we invite you to visit the EYP office and stroll through our thoughtfully curated gallery.



Supported by EYP, Gallery 100 is located in the historical 100 Peachtree building and open to the public. EYP is dedicated to uplifting and enhancing Atlanta’s art community.


Company Overview:

At EYP we approach every project with passion, creativity, and rigor, keenly focused on enhancing human experience, solving global issues, and preserving our planet –  a holistic process we call Total Impact Design. Inspired by our clients in healthcare, higher education, government and science & technology, we shape a better future through design.