120 feet below Peachtree St.

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120 feet below Peachtree St.

After years of being closed for service, the southwest side of the Peachtree Center MARTA Station – right here outside the SBS office – has recently reopened to feature three newly overhauled escalators.

According to MARTA’s website, the escalators – the longest in the entire MARTA system – descend 120 feet to the solid gneiss rock of Peachtree Center– arguably MARTA’s most phenomenal station.

But isn’t this journeying in and out of the station arguably also MARTA’s most phenomenal descent/ascent?


Considering the typical angle of inclination on an escalator is 30 degrees, we couldn’t help but wonder where you end up after dropping 120 feet into the earth…

Well, it turns out that that puts you about 208 feet north of the point of descent…. In other words, right below Jody and the SBS lobby.

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